Polyester Bracelets

Polyester woven short straps with additional logo printed or woven. Different buckles available.


Wrist Wallets with Velcro-Closure

Size: 26 x 8cm with a pocket closed by zipper

Logo Bracelets

Elastic Bracelets Available with Customer's Logo

Available Material with Silicone by pressing and TPE by injection

WB-F - Pocket Sweat Wrist Band

Cotton sweatband with inner pocket closed with a zipper

Size: 8 X 7.5cm or your OEM

With Logo Embroidery


Wrist Wallets with Velcro-closure

Size: 25 x 7.2cm with a pocket closed by zipper

Slap Bracelets

PVC and PVC Reflective Slap Bracelets with steel plate embedded

Standard Sizes: 23cmx3cm; 30cmx3cm and 34cmx3.0cm

Cotton Sweat Bands

Cotton Wrist and Head Bands (available also in Sets) with logo in different ways

1-time use Bracelets

Bracelets made of vinyl material with your logo in screen printing. With a one-time use plastic button.

Soft PVC Bracelets

Molded soft PVC 2D or 3D Puffy bracelets with adjusting buttons.