Metal Pens

Metal Pen - WW-012

Model #: WW-012

Type: FM Radio Metal Pen

Finish: Satin Chrome with standard silver

1.      Inserted headset plug at top of pen.

2.      Auto-Seek Tuning: Each touch of the button locates a new FM station. Auto-Seek technology locks in the best possible reception as you scan between 88MHz and 108MHz.

3.      One Touch Reset: Automatically returns the tuner to 88MHz

4.      Including 2 AG13(LR 44) button cell batteries and 2 replacements.

5.      Including black ink cartridge and 1 blue refill. To replace ink cartridge, remove lower barrel by pulling straight down, then unscrew old cartridge

6.      In-line volume control dials.

7.      In-line power On/Off switch.