Bags of LVB

Paper Bags (Gift/Shopping/Convention Bags made to your specifications)

Material: Coated (art) paper, White Kraft paper, KLB-Kraft liner board, Coated white top liner and Polypropylene sheet

Coating: Matted Laminated Surface and Glossy Laminated Surface

Sizes: Available in different sizes and OEM designs most welcome

Shopping Bags

Collection in different sizes, designs and material of cotton, canvas and non-woven bags

A profitable business to do by saving our Planet Earth.

RMNP Series

Collection of Nylon and Polyester BRANDED Bags of all kinds

Travel Bags, Backpacks, Pencil bags, Cooler Bags, Wallets, Etc.

For those who are searching for factory for high quality bags.

PVC Beach and Cosmetic Bags

Collection in different sizes and designs PVC beach bags, cosmetic bags, shopping bags, shoe bags, pencil bags, etc.

RCNP and RJNP Series

Collection of Nylon and Polyester Bags with custom designs.

Models suitable for promotional purpose with your advertising imprint.

Garment Bags (Suit Covers)

With 2 standard models and we will quote your OEM


Models carefully Selected