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MENP-Series --- Embroidery Patches

MENP-02A - National Flag Embroidery Patches

Comprehensive Coverage of the countries of the world

Fast Delivery with low minimum

MENP-02B - Armed Forces Embroidery Patches

Tailor-made designs for different squads

MENP-02C - Police-Fire Dept. Embroidery Patches

Stitched onto the uniform.

MENP-02D - Sports Embroidery Patches

For events or teams of football, hockey, Judo and other sports.

MENP-02E - Embroidery Patches on Fisherman’s Cap

High technique allows best presentation for fine details of fish.

MENP-02F - Endangered Species Embroidery Patches

Designed by our graphic team.  Samples available.


MENP-K - Embroidery Key Fobs

A novelty for embroidery products.  Samples available.

MENP-00 - Embroidery as an Art

Valuable embroidery scroll adds an oriented feel for your decoration. Custom designs available.

MENP-01 - Step by Step to Make Your Embroidery Patch

Get prepared to place your first embroidery order.


The majority of the orders we had are custom-made patches and your OEM designs are welcome.



Also Available Woven Patches


Certainly a good way to have your logo and designs as a PATCH either for iron-on or stitch-on with Small Details done clearly. Low Costs and Competitive with fast delivery and small minimum required.


  Logos/Designs shown in the site are for reference only. No Re-production acceptable without the authorization from the owners of the logos/designs.