Luggage Tags

Luggage Belts

Luggage Tags - Metal Models

Available in 5 standard models

Plastic Injected Luggage Tags

Available With 2 standard models for your choice.

Logo available by screen printing on the tags

2D or 3D Puffy Molded Luggage Tags

Insert Paper Name Card size of 88 x 50mm or smaller

Soft PVC Label of 105 x 65mm or bigger

Soft PVC Designs in 2D or 3D Puffy

Hard PVC Luggage Tags

With 2 models available for your choice.

OEM Designs welcome.

Synthetic Leather Luggage Tags

Available in 2 standard models

Material: PU or PVC with different colors and textures on the front and back


Logo available by screen-printing or by heat-stamped